I have been focusing on development of interactive digital experiences for the last 20+ years. That includes games (online, MMOs, iPhone, iPad) websites, e-shops, e-learning, video and installations for exhibitions.

Contributing as CTO and CITO. As frontend, backend and full stack programmer. As project coordinator and concept consultant. As video editor and sound editor. And with the experience as owner of two companies.

Having an education as digital designer with tech and programming as my speciality, my strength is working with a broad selection of technical platforms as well as having capabilities in visual and auditive expressions. A combination that allows me to create and facilitate production of digital experiences in the virtual space as well as in the real world.

My expertise is to engage in projects from sketching, prototyping, to production, launch and maintenance. And as an owner of a company and as CTO in relation to a number of projects; programming, establishing production pipelines, estimating resources and budget have been prerequisites during all 20+ years.

Latest I have been CTO and programmer in relation to a game demo created in Unity3D. 3 month extremely tight production in cooporation with one of the major animation studios in Denmark. Prior to that I was responsible for the technical prototyping and production in corporation with Brinck-Lund Media ApS on all platforms. Working with established and cutting edge technologies forging digital interactive experiences aimed at kids.

I’m a tech-generalist and I believe that it is the technologies that should serve the experience. Tech I haven’t worked with before I regard as tools that it is possible to adapt to.

Portfolio: http://portfolio.siloen.dk/