From 2008 till now I've had a strong focus on developing multiuser games with transmedia being an inevitable prerequisite for concept and execution. Latest centered around the task of being responsible for the technical development of the kids MMOs Crimeville (2010) and Huxville (2013). Both launched internationally by the Copenhagen based company Art of Crime ApS.

Huxville and Crimeville have been fun and really interesting intermezzos in a period within my own companies (Subsilo and Siloen) from 2000 and forth. In that time period I've been - beside Crimeville and Huxville - co-responsible for the developing of various browser based games such as Sportzarena (2004) which was quotation EBU "The first ever European coproduction of an online game...". Plus browser based e-learning and general web based client/server solutions.

My expertise is - with the technical aspect as focus - to cooperate the development together with small to medium sized teams. Following through from creation of concept, development to rollout and maintenance.

But I'm not only swiping the floor in front of other techies for them to do their job best way possible. My own production skills are centered around a long relationship with AS3/Flash, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL. Latest new comers at my skill base are Foundation for developing responsive web/mobile sites in css/sass. And Unity3D/C# for game developing and recently the app server Rupy/java that enables development of extremely efficient http web services plus real time streaming for chat and multiuser games - over http at port 80!